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Mission One relentlessly strives to forge innovative solutions that safeguard our nation and its assets.


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unwavering safety and resilience in our nation

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As a national security, information technology, and intelligence-focused organization at Mission One, we seek to push the boundaries of innovation to produce cutting-edge defense and intelligence tools that address current and emerging national security threats.

Our expertise in defense contracting allows us to harness the transformative power of advanced technology. Through this combination, we bring situational awareness to the next level, forging intelligent support capabilities and fortifying critical infrastructure like never before. Working closely with esteemed government partners, we tackle constantly evolving security challenges head-on. Our secure and scalable solutions instill unwavering safety and resilience in our nation.

What We Do

National Defense



Information Technology

Advanced Technology



Homeland Security

Enterprise Modernization

Training & Development


Conquering Security Frontiers

We thrive on conquering the most formidable national security challenges, consistently delivering measurable results that redefine the landscape.


Innovative Partnership Solutions

Driven by cutting-edge technology and an indomitable commitment, we stand alongside enterprise and mission customers, including key branches of the U.S. federal government.


Guardians of Security

In an era of rapid transformation, we recognize that national security stands paramount. Through our unparalleled ability to craft effective solutions, we have become trusted guardians, expertly navigating intricate challenges and fortifying against evolving threats.

The Mission One Approach

Mission One empowers the mission and decision-making functions for national defense, intelligence, and technological advancement.


We prioritize cutting-edge methodologies tailored to our industry. These include comprehensive threat analysis, risk assessment, intelligence assessments, advanced data analytics, cybersecurity analysis, and more. With these approaches, we provide unparalleled insights to government partners, fortify critical infrastructure, and empower decision-makers. Our solutions are secure, scalable, ethically driven, and address evolving security challenges head-on and promote safety and resilience.


We work with unique clients and national security leaders to provide industry solutions which include:

  • National Defense
  • Intelligence
  • Cyber
  • Space
  • Advanced Technology
  • Homeland Security
  • Risk Assessment
  • Training and Development
Dr. Pease | Mission One, McLean, VA 22102

Meet Dr. Pease

Dr. Pease is a highly accomplished individual in the defense industry, specializing in strategic security and intelligence. With over two decades of experience, he has significantly contributed to advancing our national defense enterprise. He holds a Doctoral degree in Strategic Security focusing on intelligence, counterterrorism, and protection, a Master of Science degree in Intelligence Management, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautics.

Possessing a unique desire and fortitude to thrive in high-pressure environments, Dr. Pease has successfully directed numerous diverse security operations in kinetic environments, successfully ensuring the safety and effectiveness of international partners. His expertise and insights have been paramount while providing strategic counsel to all echelons of command. He has been instrumental in developing advanced practices and methodologies for national defense and intelligence and has directly contributed to saving lives.

Dr. Pease’s leadership extends to training hundreds of defense and security professionals, both domestically and internationally. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mission One, he remains at the forefront of groundbreaking initiatives, shaping the future of defense. His commitment to advancing the frontiers of national defense and safeguarding the well-being of our great nation remains at the core of his vision.

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Defense Contracting | Mission One

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